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Frequently Asked Questions


Was my RE:BOTTLE supposed to arrive empty?

Yes. We don’t want you to pay to ship water. You just reduced your carbon footprint by up to 90% because we didn’t ship you any water. Simply add your own water with tap water at home, drop in the tablet, and enjoy your plastic negative journey.  

How do the tablets work?

We made the tablets using all the best natural ingredients and shipped it to you , without the water ,which you already have at home. Making your own RE:TAB handwash in 3 easy steps.

 1. FILL tap water into your RE:BOTTLE. Do not use hot boiling water.

 2. TAB the RE:TAB tablets into it and let it dissolve. It should take around 10 to 15 minutes.

 3. ENJOY the rich foam for your hand wash  

Do I need to use hot water?

Although using hot water may minimize the waiting time, we would recommend using warm / room temperature water.

Can I use Tap Water?

Yes, tap water is perfectly fine.  

Can I shake the bottle to shorten the dissolving process?

If you want to speed up the dissolve time, you may stir the solution with a spoon.

Are RE:TAB products free of SLS, parabens,Toxin, and silicones?

Yes, our products are proudly free of SLS, parabens,Toxin, and silicones

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes. We do not test on animals, we do not use materials that contain animal derivatives that are unsuitable for vegetarians .

How many washes can I expect to get from one full sized bottle of RE:TAB Handwash?

This varies based on your household and washing habits. Each tablet should last the same amount of time as a normal 350ml bottle of foaming hand soap. 

Can I use my own foaming bottle?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to use existing hand soap bottles. Unfortunately, a regular soap dispenser will not work.

How much soap solution does one tablet make?

One tablet creates the exact amount of foaming solution our 350ml bottle holds.


How am I helping the planet?

Each tablet you use will save another single-use plastic soap bottle from heading to the landfill (you can top up your tablet refills here). You buy our reusable RE:BOTTLE once & utilize them forever. 

Each bottle can save up to 25 single-use plastic soap bottles from polluting our environment each year. 

Also, for every product sold, we will fund the collection of 5 plastic bottles from polluting the environment.  

Why are your tablets waterless?

Our mission was to start off with offsetting the impact of transporting water as well as cutting down on the impact of one time use plastics. Our tablets are shipped without water because that is the most common item in every household, simply fill it up in your house and enjoy hand soap with 95% lesser emissions. Every step counts!

Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely. For wholesales order please email and our lovely customer service will contact you shortly. Should you need any urgent wholesale order, please do contact us via whatsapp at +6017 226 3850.  

Can you custom your products for corporate gifts/ corporate order?

Of course, please do send an email to us at and we will have the right gift tailor-made for you!

How can I get in touch for collaboration or Press opportunities?

Please send us an email at email with your inquiry/ request in the subject line.