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Inspired by Refill + Tablets

Re: meaning refill, also means reinvent, revolutionary. Re: also means a chance for us to reverse the environmental damage that we have done to earth . Reduce / reuse.  

Inspired by the words refill and tablets, we wanted to show another face of hand wash that is revolutionary in nature, and to reduce the impact on our environment. 


Vision & Mission

Vision : Re:duce / Re:verse the environmental pollution. 

Reducing the long term effects of plastic usage on the planet by providing suitable alternatives. 

 Mission : To make responsible consumption a norm / easy accessible /affordable/convenient.

To lessen the impact of environmental pollution by making innovative refillable products accessible to all.

Each and every re:tab or re:bottle sold, we will fund the RE:VERSE plastic collection to stop 5 plastic bottle from polluting the environment. Plus the Re:bottle that you will be using from now on, every purchase you make today are plastic negative.   

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